The Littlest Elephant 

The littlest elephant is always in a rush, and it takes a tiny mouse to show her how to slow down and notice the other jungle creatures in this funny, colourful story from Kate Read, creator of the multi-award-winning One Fox.

The bright and richly illustrated pages full of jungle creatures from a chameleon to a tiger will entrance any child as they follow the littlest elephant on her way to the pool for a swim. At first she is too excited to notice the chaos she is causing, but then she realizes that by slowing down and helping others, everyone can join in the fun.

A beautiful and humorous book about learning empathy for others and helping those who may need i

published by Two Hoots, Macmillan

Boo! A Fishy Mystery

Boo!: A Fishy Mystery is a glorious underwater adventure from the creator of the award-winning One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller, featuring a host of sea creatures from an orange crab to a green turtle, a yellow eel and even a purple puffer fish

It all begins with one tiny pink fish who sets off a chain reaction of chaos beneath the waves until suddenly - SNAP! - she finds herself all alone in the ocean. Where has everyone gone, and how can such a tiny creature rescue her friends?

Kate Read's stunning illustrations are as rich and bright as an aquarium of tropical fish and readers will love following the trail of colourful creatures through to the surprise ending. There's even a page at the end showing you how to mix your own colours.

published by Two Hoots, Macmillan

One Fox - A Counting Book Thriller

"One Fox is a stunning counting book and thrilling farmyard adventure from the brilliantly talented author and illustrator, Kate Read.

One famished fox with two sly eyes is on the prowl ... three plump hens had better watch out!

The rich, close-up illustrations take the reader to the heart of the drama in this exciting story set in a moonlit farmyard. With something different to count in every picture, learning numbers from one to ten has never been so much fun, while the story will keep everyone gripped to the last, hugely satisfying page.

Kate Read is a graduate from the prestigious MA in Children's Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Her luscious artwork is a mixture of collage, printing and drawing, creating layers of beautiful texture and detail."

Published by Two Hoots, Macmillan 

Waterstones says...

"A rip-roaring yarn with added educational value to boot, Kate Read’s inspired counting book turns numeracy into a moonlit adventure for farmyard survival. Illustrated with a real feel for texture and tone, One Fox is the perfect encouragement for all reluctant little mathematicians."

Kirkus review of 'One Fox'...

"In a manner reminiscent of Pat Hutchins’ Rosie’s Walk (1967), the intrigue and story arc are communicated visually while the counting progresses. Lovely, potent, brightly colored illustrations in a combination of textured collage and paint against white space transition to a dark, moonlit backdrop. Little ones will eagerly count in subsequent readings as they also learn new descriptive vocabulary and cheer for the brave hens."

The Independent best books to read your children in 2020

"A “counting book thriller” definitely sounds like a new genre. The gripping drama, by debut author and illustrator Kate Read, is set in a moonlit farmyard, with close-up illustrations of a fox on the prowl. It will have you and your children sitting on the edge of the bed. Will the fox get the hens? There is something different to count on every page, to help learn numbers from one to 10."

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